domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Looking Into the Past

Jason E. Powell - Looking Into the Past Gallery

Leader Theater, 9th St., Washington, DC. Original photograph taken around 1922.

1317½ 14th Street, Washington, DC. Original photograph taken in 1911.

Carvel Hall, Annapolis, MD. Original photograph taken in 1920.

Main St, Waterford, VA. Original photograph taken prior to 1933.

terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

How it's made =P - Hotel Star Ratings

First Inspection
The first inspection is conducted with the hotel management's knowledge, but the visit by inspectors is unexpected beforehand. An inspector uses a checklist and inspects the hotel for its condition of repair, for its cleanliness and for its location. This inspection rates the hotel as a one-, two- or three-star hotel.

Second Inspection
The second inspection is done undercover without the knowledge of the hotel management. This inspection is based on the hotel's service using a list established by the publishers of the Mobil Travel Guide in the 1950s. The list contains more than 550 points on which hotels are evaluated. Basic services are evaluated, such as the courtesy of hotel staff, how reservations are handled and room service, along with food quality. The list expands from there to include such amenities as those available in the fitness center and the luxuriousness of the linens.

One-Star Hotels
•In most cases, a one-star hotel rating implies that it is a small, personal hotel that is often managed by its owner. The hotel will either serve a continental breakfast, or dining facilities will be located nearby.

Two-Star Hotels
•Most of the budget chain hotels have a two-star rating.These hotels have a television in the room as well as a telephone. While there is no room service, a two-star hotel will have a restaurant. However, in many cases, these restaurants are open only for breakfast. In recent years, many two-star hotels have added Internet service. Ironically, Internet service is usually free at a two-star hotel, but pretty expensive at a four- or five-star hotel.

Three-Star Hotels
•The rooms in a three-star hotel will be more spacious than those offered in one with a two-star rating. Lobbies are decorative, and the restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A cooked breakfast buffet may be available, and the restaurant will be open to people who are not guests of the hotel. Most three-star hotels have a small fitness center as well as Internet access. Lobbies are decorative, and valet as well as room service is available.

Four-Star Hotels
•At a four-star hotel, you'll find staff in professional uniform. If you arrive via taxi or van service, someone will most likely take your bags and escort you to the registration desk. The lobby will be luxurious. In American hotels, a four-star rating usually means that the hotel has more than one restaurant. Internet access, movie rental and room service are available. In most cases, a four-star hotel will have a minibar, a well-stocked fitness center and laundry service.

Five-Star Hotels
•When you talk about a five-star hotel, you're talking about luxury. These hotels boast high-quality linens, a Jacuzzi and upscale bath products. In Europe, the bathrooms will have a bidet. Your room will have a DVD player and possibly a flat-screen TV. The hotel will have multiple restaurants as well as a cocktail bar that has entertainment. In many cases, these hotels have upscale fitness centers that are open to the general public.