domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010


Ossian - I will set my ship in order

Oh I will set my ship in order
I will sail her on the sea
I'll go far over yonder border
To see if my love minds on me

And he sailed east and he sailed west
He sailed far, far seeking land
Until he came to his true love's window
And he knocked loud and would be in

"Oh who is that at my bedroom window?
Who knocks so loud and would be in?"
"'Tis I, 'tis I, your ain true lover
And I am drenched untae my skin

So go and go and ask your faither
And see if he'll let you marry me
If he says no, come back and tell me
And it's the last time I'll trouble thee"

"My father's in his chamber writing
Setting down his merchandise
And in his hand he holds a letter
And it speaks much in your dispraise

My mother's in her chamber sleeping
And words of love she will not hear
So you may go and court another
And whisper softly in her ear"

Then she arose, put on her clothing
It was to let her true love in
But e're she had the door unlockit
His ship was sailing on the main

"Come back, come back, my ain dear Johnny
Come back, come back and marry me"
"How can I come back and marry you, love?
Our ship is sailing on the sea"

The fish may fly, and the seas run dry
The rocks may melt doon wi' the sun
And the working man may forget his labor
Before that my love returns again

She's turned herself right roun' about
She's flung herself intae the sea
Farewell for aye, my ain dear Johnny
Ye'll ne'er hae tae come back to me

Street Fighter IV

First Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Winner

segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

Not perfect yet =\ but still pretty amazing...

The Impossible Project . com

"Impossible started with a small team of the very best 10 former Polaroid employees who shared our passion as well as the belief in our Impossible dream. Due to the fact that the original Polaroid color dyes are not available any more and that there is no chance to reproduce them, the Impossible Project had to start from the very scratch. The Impossible team had one year to completely reinvent a new photographic instant system. Impossible? Almost. But after thousands of experiments and after a million of small steps and a lot of blood, sweat and tears (not to forget the support of many excellent partners) we managed to develop a new Impossible film system."


quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

First Christmas present arrived mysteriously in the mail today =D - Love you ;) -

Favorite Poems, Old and New
First published in 1957, "Favorite Poems, Old and New" it's an amazing colletions of children's poetry. It has over than 700 classic and modern poems written by poets from William Shakespeare to J. R. R. Tolkien and they are all organized in topics for the various moods and situations =)

The Cupboar - Walter de la Mare
I know a little cupboard,
With a teeny tiny key,
And there’s a jar of Lollipops
For me, me, me.

It has a little shelf, my dear,
As dark as dark can be,
And there’s a dish of Banbury Cakes
For me, me ,me.

I have a small fat grandmamma,
With a very splippery knee,
And she’s Keeper of the Cupboard,
With the key, key, key.

And when I’m very good, my dear,
As good as good can be,
There’s a Banbury Cakes, and Lollipops
For me, me, me.

Thank you Sister =)

More!! =P


Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Soundtrack


quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

University Lipdub

Lipdub - "The idea and the word were formed by the founder of vimeo and became popular with publishing the world-wide first office lipdub by NY agency "Conneted Ventures". This established a new way of company presentation in the web. Till this day many companies did it the same way with their own office lipdubs."

University Lipdub - May have students, extras, assistants, professors, etc... The result is a video taking the viewer through lecture rooms, computer rooms, libraries and many other parts of the university building. All this in one single shot.

The Original Video

The Official Site
University LipDub - What do you do after studying?

Ahumm =)

"E com a ajuda das namoradas (...)" Yeah right... xD